Wooden Fireplaces

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Parkrose Clear Oak

Parkrose Clear Oak£595.00   £495.00

Chelford Clear Oak

Chelford Clear Oak£695.00   £595.00

Cosy White

Cosy White£695.00   £595.00

Ellis Clear Oak

Ellis Clear Oak£695.00   £595.00

Henley Clear Oak

Henley Clear Oak£695.00   £595.00

Lewis Oak

Lewis Oak£695.00   £595.00

Lichfield Clear Oak

Lichfield Clear Oak£695.00   £595.00

Lichfield Clear Oak Fireplace with Marfil back panel and hearth

Mayfield Oak

Mayfield Oak£695.00   £595.00

Middlemore Clear Oak

Middlemore Clear Oak£695.00   £595.00

Pauline Med Oak

Pauline Med Oak£695.00   £595.00

Stratford Walnut

Stratford Walnut£695.00   £595.00

Westland Yew

Westland Yew£695.00   £595.00

Winchester Walnut Inlay

Winchester Walnut Inlay£695.00   £595.00


Page 1 of 1:    13 Items