Evonic Octane 1550

Evonic Octane 1550
Our Price:  £2,420.00

Octane Range
Octane is our latest innovation in flame effect technology, powered by patented the patented Evonic e-llusion flame effect. By harnessing LED projection, we have created one of the first truly holographic flame effects on the market. Featuring breath-taking immersive flames, and a stunning hypnotic fuel bed that gives an authentic glow, the Octane range is the next generation in heating for the home.

Octane 1550

1550mm e-llusion holographic flame effect
1500W heat output
Silent flame effect
SCHOTTŪ clear float front glass
British Woodland log set
Fuel and over-bed illumination
e-smart cloud app controlled
Remote control included
Work with Amazon Alexa and Google Home

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