New Forest Winchester Suite

New Forest Winchester Suite
 New Forest Winchester SuiteNew Forest Winchester Suite 
Our Price:  £2,599.00

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The inspiration to develop the Winchester suite was triggered by asking ourselves a simple question:


How can we combine our award winning LED flame-effect technology with a stunning display that compliments the modern home?


The answer was to design a marble-effect suite that is sleek, solid, and timeless.


We thoughtfully obsessed over every detail in order to arrive at a convincing marble effect design, one that can serve as a centre piece of any home.













    • Heat output: 1500 W
    • Supply voltage: 220–240 V AC
    • Rating power: 50 Hz
    • Fuse rating: 13 Amp
    • Lighting: LED
    • UKCA & CE certified


    • Easy to install MDF Solid Suite
    • 3-pin plug with 1.8m long cord
    • All fuel bed items included
    • Remote control included


Seamless Joints

A suite made of the latest in MDF technology is the only way to dress the Brockenhurst fire. Light in weight and strong in both, appearance and durability, the chamferededge design is a detail we added to bring a touch of charm to any room. The MDF construction methods are cofriendly and the materials that are used are sustainable.


The marbling effect you see on each suite is crafted using a meticulous hand painting technique. The craftsman immerses the MDF through a controlled process that creates a vibrant and decorative marble effect to the MDF surface. There really is no substitute for quality.



Forest View

The signature logs that are crafted from the rural New Forest in Hampshire sit comfortably on an underlay of wood chippings and husk which delivers a real earthy feel.

Deluxe Real Logs

Upgrade your view and create the ultimate experience with our new Deluxe Real Logs. Each Deluxe Real Log is unique and artisanly crafted using actual logs found in nature. They really enhance an already prominent statement piece in any room.


Diamond Light

A dynamic way to show how light can enhance the visual aspect of a flame effect – this is something magical. The fuel bed colour changes takes you through a journey of tranquillity. Alternatively, you can choose between the orange, pink, or blue light setting to create a certain mood.



















The fan draws cool air from the room in and down the sides of the fireplace.

Distributes heat back into the room through the unique heater outlets.

Designed and engineered to distribute heat effectivly throughout a space.



Air Curtain Technology®

The patented engineering design not only commands performance but is designed to distribute heat effectively throughout a space.

Remote Control

Every New Forest electric fireplace is equipped with a remote control that bridges the connection between you and your ideal ambiance.

Simple Install

Our suites are all easy to set up with the provided wall bracket. Simply, provide a suitable space and wall then enjoy the view.



Lighting Effects

Cycle through three fire bed colors that each provide a unique style or use the cycle setting to flow through all available options.



Flame Control

Choose from the four settings to adjust the brightness of the flame to suit your mood or adjust the height of the flame.



Thermostatic Heating

Choose a temperature between 17° and 27°C and the fire will do the work to heat the room up effectively.





Weekdays 8AM – 5PM



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